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[Refe# MBA204] AUTOMATION - BPM: Workflow to Coordinate a Group of People

Workflow applications closely map a business or Government process.

Workflow applications closely map a business or Government processes, usually with a sign-off or closure point to the process. A help-desk escalation procedure might specify that a dilemma be moved up a hierarchy of support specialists, with each specialist adding more information along the course.

Workflow applications that actually move documents tend to rely either on e-mails or replication. Mail-based designs route documents along an approval chain, for instance, then mail the final document back to the originating database. A replication-based design lets users modify documents in-place in a database, often using views that segment documents based on their status to move documents through various stages.


Coordinating the work of a group of people is important in any business . For example, with e-mails, people can attach files to the message , and it is sent to the recipient . Sending attachments is very good for handling ad hoc transmission of information from one man to another. This happens when the type of data to be transmitted is not a recurring transaction.

For recurring transactions, it is better to run the flow of information from one man to another on the system. This course, each time the process is done, specific, uniform data can be collected and processed by the appropriate people.

For example, take the aplication of travel authorization form should include the dates and purpose of travel, the destination, and itinerary.The traveler may require one or more levels of approval depending upon the dollar amount of the travel.

The below figure 63f1 shows a sample travel authorization application. In this example you can show the authorizations organized by status (as shown in the figure), or by authorization number. You can also show authorizations by approver or traveler if they are still in process.

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